We offer training in guerrilla ergonomics and the hybrid workplace as well as workplace review (live / digital)


Many people are thinking about how to work anywhere. For example, is it okay to sit on a sofa or do you have to have a proper desk? Does the ironing board or moving boxes work as a standing table? Or does the hard kitchen chair work 8 hours a day?

To succeed with ergonomics everywhere, you need to think a little new and creatively, and raise the level of knowledge a few steps to understand why it is important.

We train in guerrilla ergonomics which is about just that, take advantage of what is available and make the best of the situation. To succeed, you have to understand how the body works, what is a mouse arm? Why do neck straps and back shots occur?
Quite simply – what hurts and why?

An education that inspires, is entertaining and raises the level of knowledge and provides practical techniques to create a good working environment wherever you are.

Who educates?
Tommy Wilén is a certified naprapath and one of Sweden’s funniest and most appreciated lecturers in health and ergonomics. Tommy educates and inspires with humor and knowledge and in an entertaining way breaks down the latest research findings and serves them in a way that everyone can absorb.


Together with Tommy, we offer an ergonomic tour in your office or at the home of your employees. We can do this workplace review physically and also digitally.
Physical: Tommy comes out to your company and does individual reviews of your workplaces. Specific arrangements are set in consultation with the customer. Minimum time required: Three hours. Travel expenses will be added.
Digital: The digital reviews are individual. It works so that your employees book a video meeting with Tommy via any video platform. Tommy walks through the workplace and gives advice and tips. About two weeks after the meeting, a follow-up contact is made via email / telephone to see if the advice gave the desired effect and if further measures are needed. Total time per review and follow-up: one hour.