We want to help people feel better.
At a time when telework is increasing and companies are repainting their office landscapes, we want to be the piece of the puzzle that puts health and well-being at the center.

If the employees are well, your organization is also well.

In a sustainable way, we help companies to give employees the right conditions wherever they are based in their office work. At home, in the office, the hotel room or in a café.
Giving your staff the right conditions reduces sick leave and increases both morale and motivation.
We only have one body, so take care of it – in time.

Let us help you and your company in an efficient way without having to take time from your calendar. We handle both the logistics and the service to your employees.

We view the future’s flexible workplace positively as long as our bodies are given the right conditions for it.

We work actively with sustainability work and attach the greatest importance to this issue. Read more under the tab Sustainability how Usely contributes to a more sustainable society.